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Letting Kids Be Creative And Use Their Imagination

Posted on: December 2, 2010

Letting kids be creative is of vital importance to their growth and development.   Imagination fosters a child’s creativity.   This type of creativity allows children to reach out and explore the unbelievable.   In my book, ‘There’s An Elephant In My Bathtub”, the main character, Andres prepares for his bath to discover a big surprise!   “I enter the bathroom imagining the worst….there’s an elephant in my bathtub…! I yell with a burst.”

As the story continues, Andres finds himself more creative with his imagination.   This use of his imagination allows Andres to cope with his fears, and turn an ordinary daily event into an extraordinary journey.   In real life, my son Andres’ wonderfully active and colorful imagination is on full display everyday as with most kids.  As observers and parents, we should really attempt to view the world through their eyes and try to understand the wonders our kids see in common everyday occurrences.   Allowing them to do this is one step forward in their growth and development…as well as ours.

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