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Tips On Being A Supportive Parent – Understanding Their Needs.

Posted on: December 7, 2010

Being a parent is probably one of the greatest joys someone can experience in life, yet be one of the most difficult and challenging responsibilities one will ever have.  Once you become a parent, you are one forever and it doesn’t get any easier.  Kids today are growing up quicker, faster and yes…smarter, but are growing up in an age of constant change, major anxiety and extreme uncertainty.  The concept of understanding their (5) critical needs to achieve balanced emotional health is vital to the support of the child.   Our children will change over time, but these critical needs will not.  Children need to feel – respected, important, accepted, included, and secure.

When we can incorporate their needs, recognize their importance and become knowledgeable on how to satisfy them, we will be able to develop a strategy that is effective and consistent to the parenting process.  In understanding these needs, we also have to become more proactive vs. reactive, protective but not overly controlling, remain positive vs. negative, consistent instead of unpredictable, and relaxed rather than tense.

In my book, “There’s An Elephant In My Bathtub”, the story satisfies these critical needs and promotes a healthy environment for a child to develop.  In this case, the young child, Andres was able to use his imagination without the fear of rejection and ridicule.  His way of being was respected and accepted.  Throughout the story, it is also evident that the environment he lives in is very secure.

Creating and executing a strategy with consistency will increase the likelihood of becoming that supportive parent kids will learn to appreciate now and in years to come.

So, what is your strategy to becoming a supportive parent?

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