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Finding Common Ground With Your Kids!

Posted on: January 6, 2011

One of the five basic needs to developing a healthy and confident child is to show them “respect” as well as to others. Finding common ground is a good way of accomplishing this, and also shows that you are willing to hear them out.  In some cases,  it may reduce stress and that anxiety we tend to built up as well.

As parents, we sometimes think we know all the answers, but you will be amazed at some of the responses you will get from your kids.  Sit down, talk to them and ask them stuff.  You’ll be surprised at what they truly know and understand.  I know I did!

One key strategy for showing acceptance and respect is getting feedback from your children. I say this because that is part of my daily routine.  I tend to ask my kids and get feedback on our conversations (of course, use good judgment and don’t ask your child about how to invest or about the next big stock).

This simple strategy also strengthens the relationship and makes them feel confident and comfort about themselves.  Finding common ground is also about compromising with your children. We don’t have to win all the battles with our kids, just the important ones!  Establishing that equal playing field really does create a comfortable family environment, and shows respect for one another.   Simple but effective!

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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